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SMBL Food is an innovative new company and a leader in the ready-to-eat popcorn industry, which is a high growth market with an annual growth of 70 percent.
Through the Soho Planet Popcorn brand, we have revolutionised the popcorn niche in Morocco. Thanks to the quality of our products and our dynamic team, Planet Popcorn is now available in several international markets, including countries in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. We offer our consumers and partners a vast assortment of high quality, great-tasting products. Whatever your taste, we have a product for you!
We adapt our formats to our customer's market. The weight of our savory range varies from 60g to 100g.Available in 18g to 100g packages, you can choose between single serve and large serving sizes depending on your market


*IRI may 2014

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our commitments


respect sanitary and international industry standards


provide specialised products, adapted to our client's market


use rigorously selected suppliers that comply with international industry standards

Sanitary standards

Our facilities meet the strictest sanitary norms. Our products are manufactured in a traditional manner using carefully selected healthy materials.

Our standards

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What makes popcorn pop ?

Our popcorn is air-popped (without any oil). When a kernel of corn is heated, the water inside becomes steam, and acts much like a pressure-cooker, causing the starch molecules to expand and stick together, eventually making the kernel pop under the pressure. What's left is a deliciously light and airy snack!