"University of Sanya - Bank of Communications Digital RMB Demonstration Center" was inaugurated at University of Sanya

2021/7/5 11:12:54


        On June 1st, the University of Sanya - Bank of Communications(BCM) Digital RMB Demonstration Center" was inaugurated on the campus. The Demonstration Center will focus on the digital RMB application scenariosexplore the scientific mechanism and innovative application behind the digital RMB application in depth, and contribute to the development of the financial industry in the Hainan FTP. The two sides also had in-depth exchanges on the construction and talent training of financial disciplines. Xiao Ting, Party Secretary and President of Hainan Branch of BCM, and relevant principals of provincial and municipal branches, Liu Kainan, USY Executive President, Zhu Qinfu and Wang Dan, USY Vice Presidents, and faculties of Saxo Fintech Business School of USY attended the activity.


(Zhu Qinfu, USY Vice President, and Xiao Ting, President of Bank of Communications Hainan Branch, unveiled the "University of Sanya-Bank of Communications Digital RMB Demonstration Center")

        Liu Kainan said that University of Sanya(USY) has developed rapidly in the past 16 years and has built a huge "tower base" university structure and scale. USY is striving to develop itself closer to the "tower top" and gradually reach towards the high-level goal. USY actively responds to the expectations and requirements of the Sanya Municipal Government for the University to be “bigger and stronger”, anchors the demand for talents in the construction of Hainan FTP, and contributes to its industrial development. The financial discipline of USY, as a key discipline of Hainan Province and the University, is based on the focus of financial technology to promote the construction of the discipline group, and coordinate the digital transformation of traditional disciplines.


        (Liu Kainan and Bank of Communications guests discussed the strengthening of mutual cooperation)

Liu Kainan said that by co-building the Digital RMB Demonstration Center with BCM, it is the new extension and innovation of the "government-industry-academia-research" platform of the financial technology professionals. USY will vigorously promote the establishment and application of digital RMB on-campus application scenarios, integrate "Digital Smart Campus" resources, explore business scenarios and innovative practices of digital RMB applications, and provide useful attempts for the promotion and policy formulation of digital RMB.


Xiao Ting said that the construction of USY fintech major is forward-looking, and the past good cooperation foundation highlights the high importance the university attached to the major. Presently, the financial industry is under transferring from the traditional business to the new ones, and digital transformation is the only way for its future development .With the construction of Hainan FTP, along with the increase of export-oriented mode of economy, the urgent demand for financial technology talents is increasing day by day, and it is believed that the students majoring in fintech will have a broad development prospect. The two sides will strengthen cooperation, jointly carry out research projects, internship training platform, etc., and jointly realize the in-depth training of professional talents to serve the development and innovation of financial industry in Hainan FTP.


 (Digital RMB Exhibition Hall)

At present, BCM is actively promoting the construction of key application scenarios for digital RMB, and USY is one of the "top priorities" in the construction of application scenarios. This will serve the university in application scenarios, infrastructure development and smart campus construction.

Chen Xiaoxin, assistant dean of Saxo Fintech Business School of USY, said that the digital RMB will be more widely used in Hainan FTP, and the Digital RMB Demonstration Center inaugurated at the school has a special historical status. The center will actively integrate into Hainan Free Trade Port retail payment scenarios, cross-border e-commerce and other scenarios in a more convenient, secure and efficient way, and through "industry-academia-research-use The center will take the initiative to integrate into the retail payment scenarios and cross-border e-commerce scenarios of Hainan FTP in a more convenient, secure and efficient way, which will become a focus of future research and development of fintech majors through "industry-academia-research-application" exploration.


(Xiao Ting and his team visits the supercomputing center and other labs)

Source: “有哪些比较好的体育平台—交通银行数字人民币示范中心”在有哪些比较好的体育平台揭牌成立-有哪些比较好的体育平台 (sanyau.edu.cn)

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